The Children With Diabetes Research Foundation

Our Emphasis

Our research emphasis is type 1 diabetes prevention with our project

Have you been told that you or your child has autoantibodies?

If so, go to the Grassroots Health website to sign up for our prevention study.

Our Mission

The mission of the Children with Diabetes Research Foundation is to fund human clinical trials leading to a cure and prevention of Type 1 diabetes. We are the venture capitalists of diabetes research, getting new, clinically relevant, innovative research off the ground.

Make a Donation to the CWDRF

Any donation made to the CWDRF will be given 100% to Type 1 diabetes research and is tax deductible. Our staff is made up of volunteers and have no overhead charges.

What’s New

The Children With Diabetes Research Foundation (CWDRF) has been funding research for over 25 years.

Our board is comprised of people with diabetes and/or parents of children who have diabetes, and we expect that each grant we fund will be clinically relevant and will meet the elements common to most true cures: efficacy, safety, and affordability

It is exciting to note a pattern. Our grants have provided “startup” funding which has allowed the researchers to continue their important work and go on to gain additional funding and success. 

18,980 Finger Pokes…

Did you know… if a child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5, by the time they are 18, they will have endured at least 18,980 finger pokes?

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