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Grant Applications

Current Requests for Application

The Children With Diabetes Research Foundation is soliciting applications from institutions and researchers with innovative and relevant proposals which will result in prevention or cure of Type 1 diabetes.  To be considered, the application must demonstrate that the results will be SAFE, EFFICACIOUS and AFFORDABLE in the general population.

Past funding approved has been for nutritional intervention to prevent (NIP) diabetes, xenotransplantation studies, encapsulation studies, cord blood studies and biomechanical solutions leading to an artificial pancreas system.  We will also consider clinically relevant prevention studies and other clinically relevant studies that will lead to euglycemia in people with T1DM.  As we are a relatively small foundation, we encourage you to solicit funding from multiple sources. We encourage you to submit questions to:

18,980 Finger Pokes…

Did you know… if a child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5, by the time they are 18, they will have endured at least 18,980 finger pokes?

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